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Free CBD Flower Samples


Are you looking for hemp flower sample? If yes, this post is for you. Besides, you will be more familiar with this product.

The Growing Popularity of CBD Flower

A couple of years ago, CBD hemp flower has been among the fastest growing and most popular products on the hemp market. From $11.7 million in 2018, the smokable hemp flowers have grown up to $70.6 million in 2019.

There is growing popularity and huge demand for hemp flowers. After all, many people enjoy a perfect way to relieve stress through this non-intoxicating cannabis form.

Before we dive into getting free samples by providing your email address, let’s get to know more about CBD flower.

What Is A CBD Flower?

The flower sample that many people are interested at is dried and cured cannabis sativa. it only contains less than 0.3% THC. Many researchers determined it as a non-intoxicating cannabinoid because it does not have any psychoactive effects.

Both marijuana and hemp flowers came from the same plant and the dominant cannabinoid is what makes them different.

Other than smoking or vaping hemp flower, some people use it to make their own CBD topicals or edibles. So, most people are interested to get free hemp flowers sample. 

When it comes to looks, feels, and smells, this product is similar to THC-rich cannabis strains which you can find in a recreational marijuana. However, it is one of the most efficient and cleanest ways to enjoy cannabinoid and it will not mess with your head. 

Is Using of CBD Flower Legal

Compared to marijuana-based products, the hemp-derived counterparts are considered to be more legal. That is because these products contains low levels of THC.

The 2018 Farm Bill states that the CBD is being removed from the definition of marijuana. This bill makes any CBD product legal as long as it has less than 0.3% THC. So, it legal to use, cultivate, and trade hemp-based products, just ensure to follow the required THC concentration.

It’s safe to say that CBD is legal and people can even take non-intoxicating cannabinoid on airplanes. However, the current CBD regulatory status will have further legislation clarification.

Meanwhile, many reputable CBD hemp flower manufacturers continue to premium grade flower products throughout the 50 states. So, it is no surprise why there are plenty of free CBD hemp flower sample and some companies only require email address and newsletter subscription.

What is Free CBD Flower Ideal For?

With the growing popularity of CBD flower, more and more are getting curious about this product. That is why many hemp manufacturers offer free sample of it.

Before you get a free sample of hemp flowers, it’s nice to know what it is good for.

Primarily, people develop an interest to use hemp flowers to relieve their depression, anxiety, stress, and other related conditions. Furthermore, you can also use it for pain and any serious disease. In case, you experience a lot of workplace stress, you can purchase hemp flowers or free sample to use at work or use to prevent any disease.

Another factor that makes this product interesting is that it has neuroprotective effects and powerful antioxidants. In fact, scientists looked at it as a probable treatment for various medical conditions. intended to diagnose treat certain conditions, it has a lot of potentials in the medical field.

Many people use CBD hemp flower hoping that it can treat cure or prevent certain medical issues. As you probably know, some medical conditions still have no cure. That is why many researchers are studying the product and discover whether it can diagnose treat cure such diseases.

It was originally known that CBD has positive effects on conditions like epilepsy. So, the flower might also have potential to more immediate relief. It might also stop several emotional experiences like anxiety and depression before it become worse.

Are there Benefits in Smoking CBD Flower?

If you are interested to get free hemp flower and enjoy it by smoking, here are some facts to look into.


The prices of CBD products like CBD vape juice and oil tinctures are relatively expensive for most people. As a result, they tradeoff between quality and affordability. The good news is that hemp flowers are cheaper than the aforementioned products. In fact, free samples are available.

No THC Psychotropic Effects 

Oftentimes, people tend to associate cannabis with psychotropic effects of euphoria. On the other hand, plants like cannabis ruderalis, cannabis Indica, and cannabis sativa comprise various strains. 

As mentioned earlier, hemp is produced from Indica strains. So, it is known to have insignificant THC levels. However, you have nothing worry if you plan to smoke the flower. That is because you can enjoy the cannabinoid therapeutic properties without the THC psychotropic effects.

Higher Bioavailability 

Did you know that smoking hemp flower comes with 50% bioavailability? This percentage is higher than the CBD oil with only 20%. Consuming CBD edibles or oil means that the substance will go through the digestive system. This will result to destruction of some cannabinoids.

As for smoking CBD hemp flower, the cannabinoid will go straight to the lungs and bloodstreams as well as no need to go through digestion process. Meaning, there will be more CBD entering the system. Mind that higher bioavailability means you can experience the benefits at low doses.


Many people switch to this product because they can enjoy the therapeutic effects the faster way. As mentioned, the CBD in the flower are carried by the smoke straight to the lungs as well as the bloodstream and this is contrary to CBD oil tinctures.

Additionally, smoking hemp flowers provides higher levels of effectiveness than slow-acting consumption methods like capsules, ointments, and edibles.

Where Can I Get Free CBD Flower Sample 

With the current hemp flower trend, it’s no surprise that you find free packs from different companies. Most of them require the interested individuals to subscribe to their newsletter and give email address. After that, they can access free samples.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested to get a hemp flower sample, make sure to give your email address and subscribe to reputable company. By doing so, rest assured that your privacy is safe and you will get the quality ones. Besides, see to it that you will perform a research about the regulation in your area about using hemp flower and should be evaluated by the FDA.