CBD oil for treating anxiety

CBD oil for treating anxiety, the odds are that you’ve seen products with CBD – these fancy stuff make their way into everything from hand creams to cocktails.


But is CBD worth the hype?

The answer is darker than we would like: Due to the complex legal issues, there haven’t been enough studies to prove the fact that CBD only treats a rare form of childhood epilepsy.


Just because we’re awaiting more studies until strong evidence of potential uses is available doesn’t mean these things don’t work.


CBD to reduce anxiety

CBD oil for treating anxiety
CBD oil for treating anxiety

There is promising research. And because CBD does not mediate the “high” sensation of THC, CBD can offer people the opportunity to reduce anxiety, sleep better, relieve pain, and treat a whole host of other illnesses.


CBD oil for treating anxiety In fact, in the last year, I have heard a lot of people talking about the benefits of CBD oil that seem to be too good to be true.


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There are two ways to incorporate CBD oil.

CBD oil for treating anxiety
CBD oil for treating anxiety

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CBD for headache

CBD oil for treating anxiety
CBD oil for treating anxiety

My personal experience: The taste was somewhat average compared to other CBD unflavored oils, but had a lighter consistency and a much smaller bottle, which meant I took a lower dose of the oil for this oily amount of CBD concentration.


I had migraines all day, and this oil from the Commercial Bank of Dubai didn’t help. However, it also violated a personal and became political rule on Facebook, which usually leads to either A) severe anxiety or B) a full-blown panic attack … but neither of them happen. So, yeah?


CBD for stress relief

I’ll be honest: I might not be a fan of unflavored oils. Give me the flavors, give me something delicious, because that was almost like vegetable oil with a little grass. It’s not terrible and delicious for sure (especially since you only consume a small amount), so I think the taste can be subjective.


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Overall, I wasn’t particularly anxious today, but I was feeling bluish and deeply lethargic after a conference in New York. I felt calmer from the last few days, and there were no tears – unlike the day before – which is always a benefit when I feel stressed.


Thoughts: I liked the taste of lavender more than I thought, but I did. I’ve tried Select CBD in the past, so I wasn’t too shocked. CBD Peppermint Oil is the next morning oil, and lemon ginger is great for a lighter taste, but lavender overwhelmed my senses (in a good way?) And made me feel very relaxed. I could see this was perfect in a cup of tea or before going to bed.


I was nervous all day, and it was the first time I wasn’t sure if CBD oil helped or not. I didn’t leave the house like I imagined (one of my old habits of fear), which wasn’t good.


However, I felt I didn’t fix much of the anxiety that I felt (yes, I am anxious with fear). But now, after using that CBD oil, I am getting a lot better and I am neither anxious nor nervous.