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CBD VS Hemp oil

Since both CBD and hemp oil are extracted from the same hemp plant (Cannabis sativa), people usually mistake them for the same thing, or that they have the same effects without any difference.

Here in this article, we will clarify the difference, and remove the confusion.

Both CBD oil and hemp oil improve our health and wellness.

CBD or hemp oil, each of them has its own advantages.

The sole difference between hemp oil and CBD oil is how they are made and what part of the plant the oil is made from.

CBD oil origin VS hemp seed oil origin

CBD and hemp seed oil have the same origin, both of them are extracted from different parts of the Cannabis sativa plant, known as the hemp plant.

The CBD oil is extracted from the entire mature plant, including its flower and stalks, which has a low level of THC, 0.3% or less in its structure, and that is the legal level.


The hemp oil is extracted only from the seeds, that have 0% THC.

Hemp seed oil was known as hemp oil early, but after the growth of the CBD market the hemp seed oil name has been clarified, however, some people still use the old name.

CBD vs hemp oil
CBD vs hemp oil

Extraction methods: CBD VS hemp oil

CBD oil:

Manufacturers use CO2 extraction or ethanol extraction to separate CBD from other components existing in the entire hemp plant and to ensure that there are no harmful components extracted with CBD.

Then they gather the CBD and other valuable nutrients (that come in the CBD oil) after having been pelletized.

The oil is tested by producers after those steps to make sure that there aren’t any unwanted substances in the ingredients.

In the end, we have made an oil having high CBD content, and maybe some other cannabinoids as in the full and broad spectrum oils.


Hemp seed oil:

Producers use a method known as cold pressing to derive the hemp oil from the seeds. it is a widely known process used in the extraction of many other carrier oils as sunflower oil.

The hemp seeds simply are chilled, de-shelled, and pressed for their rich oily content.

Unlike CBD extraction, manufacturers don’t separate or remove anything here, the hemp seed oil contains all the raw and nutritious contents of the hemp seed.

No cannabinoids exist in the hemp seeds, it may only have traces of CBD.

CBD vs hemp oil
CBD vs hemp oil

Administration of CBD VS hemp seed oil

CBD can be ingested, inhaled, and applied topically or sublingually.


Hemp seed oil can be ingested, applied topically, or sublingually, but the difference is that it can’t be inhaled.

Sublingual application (sprays and drops) offers a fast onset of action, but for more controlled and consistent doses, capsules are a more suitable choice.

Topicals (oils and creams) are used directly on the skin for healing inflammation, pain, and others.

The dosage

Experts recommend starting with small doses of CBD oil or hemp oil made from cannabis, then gradually increasing the dose; to prevent toleration and any side effects that may happen, especially for people with digestive problems.

However, people tend to take a dose of 10-20 mg once or twice daily.

Consult your trusted doctor before taking CBD oil or hemp oil.


  • Ensure that you keep the product in a “cool and dark” place at home to properly store it.
  • A cupboard far from the sun will do better than the fridge.
  • The components of the oils may decompensate if you freeze them, and they may take on smells from the food in the freezer.
  • Do not expose the CBD (cannabidiol) oil and hemp oils to intense lights.
  • Keep them away from any source of heat like ovens and stoves.
  • Don’t leave the containers of the cannabidiol or hemp oil open, be sure that you close the lid of the bottle/any container after the usage.
  • Ensure that your children and pets will not reach the chosen place.
CBD vs hemp oil
CBD vs hemp oil


Both of CBD (cannabidiol) oil and hemp oil have the same legality, they are legal at the federal level.

But for the US, the legality of CBD oil and hemp oil products differs from state to another, as well as all the cannabis-related laws.

In most of the US states, CBD oil and hemp oil are legal.

In some other states, you’d need a prescription prescribed by a licensed doctor before they allow you to buy CBD or hemp oil.

In a few other states, CBD is illegal (not the 0.3% THC one).

Before buying CBD or hemp oil, you must take a look and check your state’s laws.

Cannabis-related laws are also constantly changing, if CBD oil and hemp oil (extracted from the hemp plant) are illegal in your state in the current time, they can be legal in the future, so make sure that you check the news when it happens.

If you have an employment drug screening soon, you should stop intaking/inhaling CBD oil products till the test, as cannabis drug screening may show the traces of THC extracted from in CBD (cannabidiol) oil in the results, even with a low THC percentage of 0.3%, so it is not guaranteed if you will pass.

CBD oil and hemp oil marketing issues

Being extracted from the same plant (the hemp plant), CBD oil and hemp oil are intentionally sold as the same thing a lot.

Some brands sell hemp oil as CBD (cannabidiol) because of the great difference between the prices of the CBD oil and the hemp oil, as CBD oil is a way more expensive than hemp oil.

Some others do the opposite to avoid the FDA regulations about cannabis-related laws.

So, it is important to read the ingredient list carefully before buying.

You will usually find CBD in the ingredient-list listed as cannabidiol, full-spectrum hemp, hemp oil, phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR), or PCR hemp extracts.


Hempseed oil will usually be listed as Cannabis sativa seed oil.

Finally, we hope that you carefully read our article about the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa), the cannabidiol (CBD) oil VS hemp oil, and the difference in the small details before having made your decision.


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