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Forms of CBD oil, CBD delivery method is another thing to consider. Is it oil, vape, topical (skin), or edible product?


Here are some points you should keep in mind:

Forms of CBD oil
Forms of CBD oil


It has the fastest effect but is difficult to recommend because even though the product is evaporated and not burned, it can still produce pollutants that can have unknown effects. Vaping also has shorter lifespan effects.



(Often in alcohol) or oils that can be taken under the tongue for 30-60 seconds and then swallowed and have an effect within (usually) 20-30 minutes, but anything taken orally passes through what pharmacists call “First Pass Metabolism.” This means the liver gets it’s first “shot” of CBD – some CBD will be metabolized and less than 100% of it will enter the bloodstream.


Eating CBD and capsules also go through the metabolism process for the first time. Any oral delivery gives relatively fast effects and lasts longer than vaping, CBD oil for anxiety and depression.

Forms of CBD oil
Forms of CBD oil


It can also be packaged in CBD in capsules or gel caps. For these, whole or broad-spectrum extracts can be used, and they can serve as oils or dried extracts.


CBD isolate capsules are also available. These capsules or gelcap have the same actions (and potential side effects, although they are relatively few and mild) as well as oils are taken sublingually and orally.


CBD oil green bay bioavailability may be somewhat lower in capsule/gelcap form – but we don’t really know. This may be due to personal preferences – some people prefer oils while others prefer capsules or gels. Plus, you can always bite or otherwise open the capsules or gel, and still get the oils.



Avoid the first metabolism, which is relatively fast and lasts for a relatively long time. It may act as a cream, lotion, or conditioner, but CBD oil can also be applied directly to the skin.

Forms of CBD oil
Forms of CBD oil


They are very similar to tinctures and oils in the sense that they are delivered orally. The first pass applies to metabolism. Edibles take a little longer to work (1-2 hours) and the effects often seem to last around 2-4 hours. Idols are especially useful if you don’t like any of the natural flavors or added to dyes or oils.


What do you use for CBD?

Forms of CBD oil
Forms of CBD oil

For example, if you are dealing with anxiety, depression, or pain, you can dose throughout the day, taking the recommended amounts 3-4 times per day.


If you are dealing with sleep issues, the best doses are probably once, an hour before bedtime.


Always check with a healthcare professional before starting CBD – none of these recommendations can replace the advice of a healthcare professional who knows you and what you are dealing with.


Working alone on self-medication is never a good idea.


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Where can CBD oil be bought?

This oil can be purchased from our website.