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How Much Should You Take CBD oil, the mantra in the CBD dosing is “Start low and go slow”.


It may take a bit of trial and error, but it is the safest and most effective way to find the perfect dose for you.


Everyone is different and there is still a lot we don’t know about how CBD interacts with other medications, so if you have a health professional you can trust and can consult, this is generally better, CBD oil for sleep and insomnia.


Many of them, however, do not have a reliable health professional to turn to. There are some basic guidelines you can follow, along with the Start Low and Go Slow concept.

How Much Should You Take CBD oil
How Much Should You Take CBD oil

CBD Chattanooga The mg amounts indicated in the recommendations below apply to total amounts of CBD that should be daily – at least to start with.


CBD has what is known as a wide therapeutic window – what this means is that there is a wide range (in mg) of the total amount of CBD that appears to be safe – and different people need different amounts for different needs.


Functionally, this means finding the perfect dose is a trial and error process. If you follow the Start Low and Go Slow approach, you will find the best dose for you without taking more than you need or paying more than you need.


How Much Should You Take CBD oil?

How Much Should You Take CBD oil
How Much Should You Take CBD oil

The smaller the person you are, the less CBD you need. The maximum amount of CBD you should start with is around 18mg per dose.


An average-sized person (between 130-230 pounds) should start with 8-25 mg of total CBD per dose. A larger person (over 230 pounds) should see between 15-40 mg of total CBD per dose.


You can do 3-4 doses daily, depending on what you are trying to dilute.


Why do you need to be careful in your CBD dosage?

How Much Should You Take CBD oil
How Much Should You Take CBD oil

You can also start with a lower score from these recommendations but consult a knowledgeable healthcare professional before climbing much higher unless recommended by a healthcare professional.


How Much Should You Take CBD oil

Why? Because first of all, not much is always better.


Second, CBD may not work well for you, or for the condition you are looking to benefit from. It’s a fact of life that not everything works for everyone, so why waste time, energy, and money if it doesn’t work for you?


Third, we don’t have enough information to know how CBD affects a person in such large doses.


The safety profiles described use some higher doses, but the studies used a variety of sources for the CBD and it is not clear that they refer to CBD only – they sometimes refer to the total amount of phytocannabinoids and the CBD content was only a part of the total.

How Much Should You Take CBD oil 1

There is a lot now that we do not know. For example, we don’t know the interactions CBD might have with other medications, and we don’t have much information about how CBD is metabolized by the liver.


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The labeling of many CBD products often lacks clear enough information about the actual amount of CBD in each dose – with so many CBD oils, the amount of CBD is listed in the entire bottle, but it is often not clear how much CBD is in Each dose.


You should avoid these types of products and go with products that tell you how much CBD is in each dose and how to determine that dose.


Where can CBD oil be bought?

This oil can be purchased from our website.