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CBD Oil for Breast Cancer

Cancer is one sure deadly disease nowadays aside from covid 19. It can slowly take over a human body for a short period. The cancer cell has a lot of types, and one of them is breast cancer that victimizes women. If you are being treated for this type of cancer, we are sure that you experience some side effects and symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, fatigue, pain, anxiety, weak immune system, and discomfort. There are also cases wherein the breast is being removed to prevent the cancer cells from spreading. With that, maybe you’ve already heard of cannabis oil CBD products that are believed to treat breast cancer. But what does cannabis oil CBD exactly means? How does it work, and does it guarantee safety and effect in treating breast cancer cells? Is it possible that cannabis oil CBD may be utilized for medical use to treat cancer? Do the conducted studies about it found ways to improve the health of the people? Well, let’s find it out.

Defining the Terms

First, let us dig in on some terms that we may encounter in this topic of cannabis cannabidiol and cancer.

• Cannabis

It was found out by many studies that this type of flowering plant contains at least 500 different chemicals. Medical marijuana and hemp are some of the most known and found forms of medical cannabis.

• Cannabidiol CBD

It refers to another well-known cannabis oil chemical. Though it is considered psychoactive technically, CBD isn’t intoxicating due to its effect and symptom on the brain than THC. Also, cannabis oil CBD that came from hemp is illegal in every state yet legal federally. Medical marijuana is another good source to extract cannabis oil CBD.

• Hemp

This is a medical cannabis plant that has most of the cannabis oil CBD content and THC levels of 0.3% maximum. The 2018 Farm Bill recently passed the law legalizing industrial cultivation and using it in the United States. Simply, it both has THC and CBD needed to treat cancer and other potential diseases. So, it makes THC and CBD a power duo, for it provides a stable effect. Also, THC is sometimes called a cannabinoid.

• Medical Marijuana

This is any medical marijuana plant with 0.3% THC levels minimum and is considered a high dosage amount. Medical marijuana has a lot of pure CBD amount and was made legal in different states yet illegal federally. Being a pure CBD makes this plant applicable to treat cancer and other diseases.

• Tetrahydrocannabinol THC

THC is the best-known chemical, also called cannabinoid, found in a medical cannabis plant. According to many clinical studies, THC has a high amount of psychoactive ingredients that may lead to intoxication. Also, THC is less intoxicating than CBD.

How Medical Cannabis Oil Helps Breast Cancer Elimination

The human body has a natural system called an endocannabinoid, which refers to the complex receptor network on cells to regulate the body functions such as mood, sleep, and inflammation daily. Now, cannabis oil CBD or marijuana works by simply making use of interaction with the endocannabinoid system. This means that it helps to reduce breast cancer treatment side effects such as nausea, anxiety, vomiting, pain, and insomnia.

However, there is not yet found any profound studies to testify the cannabis oil CBD’s capacity to treat breast cancer. Doctors and researchers are making their thorough distinctions between alternative and complementary medicine with their clinical studies.

For treating metastatic breast cancer that can affect other body organs, looking at cannabis oil CBD as complementary medicine is a must rather than to use it as an addition or alternative to the traditional treatment of many people with cancer or other health concerns.

Along with having these cancer cells, a woman can have a double mastectomy, radiation for breast cancer, chemotherapy, and reconstruction surgery. Ibuprofen is not enough to use to reduce pain, scratchy and itchy sensations. That is why cannabis oil CBD was taken advantage of. The cannabis oil CBD brought comfort and hope to every breast cancer patient. Besides, it can be bought at a local pharmacy to consume for a month daily. Results are visible for days, and improvements are expected after months of taking it. Now, let us move forward to how people use it.

How is Cannabis CBD used?

Many researchers and studies found out that cannabis CBD may have many kinds of products beyond oil, such as capsules, creams, edibles, tinctures, oils for skin, and spray for the under the tongue. With that, there are many amounts of CBD being given to patients that may need cancer treatment and other clinical and medical use.

One breast cancer patient that takes cannabis CBD oil orally is Mathias Schmucki. Aside from that, she takes the topical cannabis CBD oil that may be used to treat and protect her skin from the radiation-treated side, discomfort, pain, and dryness. She also adds cannabis CBD extract to a coconut oil-based suspension to be her lubricant for intercourse. This is normal since sexual side effects may be expected and certain as a mainstay of anti-estrogen for a breast cancer patient and other people.

Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana is also another name used to call cannabis or cannabinoids. Marijuana has a lot of benefits, yet still illegal in other states and countries. Some clinical trials and laboratory tests were conducted and have shown multiple evidence about the many high effects of marijuana usage on health.

Marijuana is primarily used as a stimulant that helps to relax the mind. With that, mentally-ill and depressed people are using marijuana to ease their pain or other certain types of suffering. Marijuana is a deserving plant that needs further studies for its effectiveness when it comes to health. It has a lot of benefits that people tend to neglect. People and even experts may neglect many health effects of marijuana, but it is good that there are many who tries and help to testify it.

This is because of the stigma that using marijuana is an act of detained people. Aside from that, the drug products transaction is done illegally on the black market. That made then marijuana an illegal health substance. Also, due to marijuana has a stimulating effect that, once overused, can lead to hypnotize feelings. It was observed and tested that people who use marijuana for a long time and not according to the prescribed amount are likely to become high. This makes marijuana fit drug to stay awake for long nights without feeling drowsy. Now, some countries have already legalized marijuana usage, but there are still some that don’t despite their health effects and help to people.

Side Effects and Risks of Cannabis CBD on Breast Cancer

According to the researchers, patients, and people who used to treat the cancer cells with cannabis CBD oil are likely to experience the following side effects of cannabinoids or cannabidiol. The effects may depend on the high amounts of CBD cannabinoid being taken:

• Dry mouth

• Less appetite

• Fatigue and drowsiness

• Diarrhea

Since there are still not, enough studies conducted that may assess the potential risks and effects of cannabinoids cannabis CBD oil to the people, it is still accepted and well-tolerated. However, there are certain cautions or effects that a cancer patient must consider all the time.

  • There may be a negative interaction with other medications while using a medical cannabis CBD product. This includes warfarin. Given that, a breast cancer patient and other people must consult first with a pharmacist and doctor to get the list of supplements and medications to assess the potential interactions.
  • If the breast cancer patient also has heart problems, then using any cannabis products may be a risk.
  • There are some cannabis cannabinoids CBD products that have THC trace amounts that can be seen on a drug test. THC has high psychoactive content, so it must be considered. THC may not be that bad since it helps suppress cancer cells, yet proper monitoring must still be done. So, a breast cancer patient must be aware of the medical cannabis cannabinoids policies and THC at the same time.
  • Keep an eye on some cannabis cannabinoids products ingredient that can be allergic to a breast cancer patient, such as coconut oil.
  • Steering the clear medical cannabis cannabinoids products together must be done to avoid further side effects such as uncontrolled vomiting.

Talk to the Doctor

Talking to the doctor and other experts in the medical field is a must thing to do when taking cannabis cannabinoids CBD oil treatment for a patient diagnosed with breast cancer. In this way, cancer, possible side effects, symptoms, risks, and treatment process can have proper research. It is also a must to raise awareness and research the patients about any vital matter involved in their current health situation, such as being diagnosed with breast cancer.

If a patient diagnosed with breast cancer is taking medications such as seizures, blood thinners, and thyroid medications, then a periodic blood test must be done to ensure that the levels are fine. If cannabis CBD oil medication, THC, and other related products will be added along with these, then talking to a doctor or any health professional must never be forgotten as they can monitor and research for a patient’s levels and even other new symptoms. Besides, every human body displays a different reaction when interacting with chemical products. Thus, asking for medical assistance can save a life from breast cancer and other diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and more.

Doctors may not be that enthusiastic when it comes to cannabis CBD cancer treatment or THC, yet they are not resisting the idea. Doctors are professionals who vowed to help improve health conditions, and so they will make their way using cannabis. They are also open to recommendations and new research discoveries to help improve the science and medicine aspect needed for cancer-free humans and survival.

Moreover, if a patient is taking cannabis CBD or THC as breast cancer treatment and experiences side effects that can’t be controlled, talking to the doctor must be done. They can give proper and adequate advice and research when it comes to THC and cannabis CBD treatment use and symptoms. They will also use and manage every piece of information and recommendation to make the treatment process a lot better and effective. Another option if a doctor is not present is an oncologist. This professional specializes in cannabis products to help assess them for breast cancer treatment and symptoms.

Besides, doctors nowadays can be contacted through an email address. Suppliers and even other medical practitioners also use an email address for them to be reached out by patients for treatment. An email address is currently a need, especially due to the pandemic outbreak, which restricts anyone from coming out of their houses.

Now, here are some ideas that every breast cancer patient must know.

• Medical-grade Cannabis CBD products

CBD products from hemp may now be available around the world, trusting it whole isn’t a good thing. These kinds of products are still under study that seeks to ensure that it is safe, legal, and effective to use. Instead, medical-grade CBD products are more recommended as these promote safety compared to others. These products will guarantee people a safer and legal way of treating certain types of diseases, such as a mitigating cancer cell.

• Analysis Certificate

Aside from these products, it is needed to ask for an analysis certificate from a dispensary or company being used. A third-party laboratory officially gives out an analysis certificate as it tells the quantity of the cannabinoids of a product. This is used to help a breast cancer patient be aware of the levels of toxins such as heavy metals, arsenic, and pesticides.

Furthermore, looking for a company that offers COA and other vital information is a must. Several online companies offering medical cannabis products will have the best reputation on the market as a lot of people, especially breast cancer patients, must know this certification like a piece of evidence.

Above all, taking every means to know that medical cannabis products or cannabinoids oil being used for breast cancer treatments is a must. In this way, people know safety from health and legal risks to treat cancer and other mitigating cancer cells.

The CBD Future

Medical cannabis products and usage that include cannabinoids cannabis CBD oil are still understudies and clinical researches. However, it has been limited by the United States federal laws as it is difficult to study. Despite that, since there is already legality of hemp production, there is a huge hope that federal regulations will soon lift the restriction laws to promote safer and stable views to treat cancer and other diseases like diabetes, a heat-related illness like heart attack, and more. With that, further scientific studies can be conducted to know more about cannabis and other related high products, along with their potential effects to treat different diseases like breast cancer. This will soon result in more discoveries of potential cannabis Sativa oil usage and applicable treatment to save people’s lives.

Now, some medical researches are being conducted to answer some questions related to using cannabinoids cannabis or cannabidiol CBD. An example of it is the research conducted by a medical research team from the Lankenau Medical Center. This clinical and medical research team observed and tested cannabis CBD in treatment for cancer patients who are currently undergoing chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN). Believe it or not, but this study is the first FDA-approved CBD cannabis oil medical research evidence for CIPN diagnosed patients. The cannabis cannabidiol oil was later found as high anti-inflammatory evidence, which is best for cancer treatments and preventing any mitigating cancer cell symptoms. It became a piece of evidence that can be used to help and treat cancer diseases like cancer and other certain diseases that need medical and drug attention.

After all, the whole of humanity can have a better safety health net once using cannabis cannabinoids oil CBD may be testified and given evidence as an effective and safe medical treatment for cancer and also for other cancer types or diseases. This can then help and make humans living longer and better with stable health.