Ditch the Adderall and the other study drugs, CBD coffee is on its rise to the top as the king of nootropics. While our site has already described many medicinal benefits of CBD for treating chronic diseases and pains, today we are going to look at how viable CBD can be in aiding concentration and alertness.


What is CBD Coffee?


The nature of CBD coffee is simple. It is purely coffee infused with CBD. But when you really break down how the two interact, you’ll realize the truly synergetic effects of combining the two substances. While coffee can normally cause anxiety and jitteriness for certain folks, CBD does quite the opposite by counteracting the anxiety with its natural anti-depressant properties. While that might not sound miraculous, it changed the game for me.


Growing up, I’ve never been a big user of coffee because I would always feel unsettled and jittery after caffeine. And even when my peers would slam a mug of coffee to stay alert, I would always opt out and choose to conquer my lethargy with sheer willpower. That rarely worked. But once I tried my first cup of CBD coffee, I knew that I could give caffeine another shot.


My Experience with CBD Coffee


Just a few days ago, I received my first CBD coffee k-cups from Pure CBD Selection, and I was in love right from the first cup. Not only was I no longer jittery, I felt incredibly calm while maintaining a sense of sharpness. I know that CBD coffee will affect every individual differently depending on a wide variety of factors, but I will do my best to account my entire experience here.


Hour 0: Just ingested one 8oz cup of CBD coffee with 25mg of CBD


10 mins: My focus became sharper, and I felt noticeably less tired


30 mins: Feeling progressively more focused and zoned in


45 mins: Very zoned in, more so than when I have had purely coffee in the past, comparable with effects of Adderall


45 mins – 2.5 hours: The alertness and wakefulness lasted through this entire period without any noticeable drops in efficiency


2.5 hours – 3.5 hours: The focus and alertness gradually tapered off during this hour, but the relaxation and anti-anxiety effects remain


Again, please do not take this timeline as absolute fact because CBD and caffeine does affect everyone differently.


But given my experience with CBD coffee, I can totally see myself using this in the future when I am studying for exams, or just if I am trying to be productive on a particularly slow or stressful day. The effects are amazing because with CBD coffee, my stomach does not hurt or feel jittery at all. Moreover, I am now able to enjoy the simultaneous benefits of both CBD and coffee without experiencing the annoying side effects.


CBD Coffee for Productivity | CBD Coffee


My experience with CBD coffee has further cemented my belief that CBD can be a great, if not the best, study drug given its little side effects.


As a college student, I’m sure many of you out there can relate to countless sleepless nights at the library trying to desperately complete assignments right before the deadline. And as the school year painfully progresses, you realize that sheer willpower just won’t get you through the night anymore.


And this is where things get tricky. There is a huge epidemic across the country right now as many students are abusing ADHD medication to gain an edge on his/her classmates. The issue is even more prevalent at challenging and competitively ranked universities in our country. I have personally witnessed a friend’s hand turn bluish and ice-cold to the touch after a week of Adderall abuse. Although many students might validate their actions by pleading that they have no healthier alternatives in such a cutthroat environment. That is no longer true.


Not only does CBD coffee induce a similar level of focus and alertness as Adderall can, it does so without triggering:


  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Weight loss


And having been surrounded by an atmosphere where students do sacrifice personal health for academic success, I just want to say that there is an alternative out there for you.


Where to get CBD Coffee


When it comes to nootropics and medicine, ease of use is one of the biggest concerns to the average consumer. With this in mind, we are excited to announce one of our newest products: Pure CBD Selection CBD Coffee. These come prepackaged as k-cups compatible with the Keurig coffee machine to simply your entire CBD experience.


These k-cups come standard with 25mg of CBD, which is a moderate dose of CBD for an average person. But as always, start with a low dosage and slowly increase your dosage until you notice the effects. And of course, always consult with your physician before starting any new medication, including CBD.


Final thoughts on CBD Coffee


The medicinal effects of CBD are undeniable, and its applications continue to surprise researchers every day. But given its natural anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects, CBD with caffeine can really be the future of nootropics. No longer do people have to resort to synthetically produced chemicals just to give themselves a little boost in their day.


CBD coffee is all natural and derived from hemp plants. The ingredients are simple, and the side-effects are miniscule compared to its prescription or OTC alternatives. If you have not given CBD coffee a shot yet, this is your chance to rediscover caffeine under a new lens. As always, stay healthy and stay tuned! Our CBD Coffee Here